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Having known Fr.Antony Xavier for several years now, I, Fr. Bruno from Canada, greatly appreciate and hold him in high esteem for a lot of changes that he had brought about in education and various other fields. To honour him I like to write about him.......

Rev. Fr. Antony Xavier, is a priest from Palayamkottai diocese, born in December 1963, is a native of North Mylodai, a small hamlet in Tuticorin District.

He has been awarded numerous prizes and certificates for his extraordinary talents in his studies, sports, tournaments, Essay Competition and oration. He completed his primary and middle school education in Puliampatty, R.C. middle school and High School and Higher Secondary education in St. Britto Hr. Sec. School, Gnanaolivupuram, Madurai. After the completion of initiation course for priesthood in k.pudhur, Madurai, he was sent to Karumathur for his philosophical studies. He did his regency in St.Mary’s seminary Palayamkottai and completed his theological studies in St. Paul’s seminary, Trichy.

Ordained priest in 1992 for the Diocese of Palayamkottai, at St.Xavier’s Cathedral, Palayamkottai, he got himself enrolled as an advocate in the bar council of Tamilnadu in the year 2003, when he completed his graduation in L.LB., He is a renowned lawyer who practices law to help the poor and downtrodden to get justice through the difficult process of truth. He is a voracious reader of books of several subjects. He has a versatile personality, a faithful parish priest, lawyer, academician, orator, basket ball player, a musician, writer and dear friend.

He has made his impact as a pastor in parishes like Karuthapillaiyur, Surandai, Ilayarasanenthal, Thirunelveli Town, Iruthayakulam, Vadiur, Thalarkulam and now in St.Xavier’s colony. As a multidimensional personality, he could expand his scope in the field of education. As a future oriented pastor, he has constructed number of churches, schools buildings, children’s homes and parish houses since 1996. Dreaming for the better of the future generation, he has founded and established number of educational institutions. He is resourceful and skillful enough to combine his educational, musical, legal and writing mission with his pastoral work.


Distribution of Holy Bible

In his pastoral ministry, Rev.Fr.Antony Xavier gives first and  foremost priority to reading the Bible by the faithful. As soon as he enterted in to his first parish, karuthapillaiyur, with the support of the former Bishop S. Iruthayaraj D.D, he distributed Bible to each and every  family in the parish.

Constructed churches by Fr.Antony Xavier

  1. St.Micheal’s Church – Chettikulam
  2. St.Gnanapragasiar Church – Servaikaranpatty
  3. St.Sebastin’s Church – Kovankulam
  4. St.Mary’s Church – Ilayarasanendal
  5. St.Sebastin’s Church – Tirunelveli Town
  6. St.James Church – Karuppandurai

Renovated Churches

  1. St.Antony’s Church - Karuthapillaiyur
  2. Sacred Heart Church – Sankarankudierruppu
  3. St.John the Baptist Church – Vadiur

Assisted to receive funds:

  1. Our lady of Assumption Church – Mariathaipuram – Vadiur parish
  2. St.Mary’s Church - Manjapulitheru – Karuthapillaiyur parish
  3. St.Antony’s Church – Kattalaiyur – Pandarakulam parish


In his parish ministry, he tried his level best in eradicating illiteracy.  Empowering the poor, the powerless and suppressed through education is one of his goals. To achieve that goal he took various steps and one among them was developing the educational institutes. He developed the existing schools with all the necessary equipments and on the basis of necessity he upgraded the existing schools with higher sections. He constructed the following school buildings in order to improve the infrastructure of the schools:

  • R.C.Primary school building, Karuthapillaiyur
  • R.C. Primary school building, Keezhakadayam, Kadayam parish
  • R.C. Primary School building, Sankaran kudieruppu, Kadayam parish
  • R.C. Primary school building, Nakkalamuthampatty, Ilayarasanendal parish
  • St.Antony’s High School building, Karuthapillaiyur
  • Punitha Yovan’s Hr. Sec. School building, Vadiur.
  • Punitha Yovan’s Sec. School Laboratory building, Vadiur
  • He constructed St.Joseph’s orphanage buildings in Kartuthapillaiyur.

Money arranged for the construction of following school buildings by Fr.Antony Xavier

  • St.Joseph’s High school Building, Vaikalipatty
  • St.Antony’s High School, Pettai

    Upgradation of existing schools

  • St.Antony’s High School, Karuthapillaiyur
  • Punitha Yovan’s Hr. Sec. School, Vadiur.

          For the development of Karuthapillaiyur village, it was felt by Fr.Antony Xavier, that through education alone development can be achieved in that remote village. Hence the R.C. Middle school in Karuthapillayur was upgraded in to High school and Primary sections were separated as R.C. Primary school and the newly upgraded high school was named, “St. Antony’s High school”.

In between trials and tribulations Fr. Antony Xaiver obtained necessary recognition for upgrading St. Antony’s High school, Karuthapillaiyur and the first batch of students achieved cent percent result in SSLC in the academic year 1997 – 1998.

  1. Yovan’s Hr. Sec. School, Vadiur

          After completing High school education, the students in Vadiur locality especially the girls, did not go for further studies. Hence the existing Yovan’s High school in Vadiur was upgraded in to Yovan’s Hr. Sec School. It was also established with pucca infrastructure.

  1. St.Assisi Matric Hr. Sec. School

flTs; jk; tpUg;gg;gb ek;ik topelj;Jthh;. (Kadavul Tham Viruppapadi Nammai Vazhinadathuvar) Yes. St.Assisi Matric Hr. Sec.School is a plan of God. After facing several more trials and hardships, Our Lord God let him according to his plan. Though the rain falls, the rivers flood and the wind blows yet there will be no loss. He has plans and dreams on our lives. The best example for this is St. Assisi Matric Hr. Sec. School, Pavoorchatram. By the Grace of God it was started and developed by Fr. Antony Xavier. Students are given life oriented, disciplined education in English medium. Within a short period, it has achieved a lot in the field of education, sports, games and in many other areas. Orphans and Semi orphans are given free education in St.Assisi Matric Hr.Sec.School, Pavoorchatram. Poor students are given considerable amount of concession. It is the school for the people. Jesus is the owner of St.Assisi Matric Hr. Sec. School and Fr. Antony Xavier is a manager (Servant) of the said school.

Prison Ministry

Fr. Antony Xavier was the first priest appointed by the Bishop as the co-ordinator for prison ministry. During his period, along with the state Co-ordinator, the prison ministry, he got the permission from the Tamil Nadu government to celebrate holy mass inside the prison, to give sacrament of confession to the prisoners, and to visit the prisoners. He conducted regular training programmes to the Central jail wardens of Tirunelveli in the diocesan pastoral centre, Palayamkottai. They were issued participation certificates by the Bishop in the Diocesan Pastoral centre during a function. It was appreciated by everybody. He periodically distributed oil, soap, tooth paste, brush, biscuit, comb and other toiletries to the senior citizens behind the Bar. He served Briyani with sweets to all not only in Central jail but also in the sub-jails in Palayamkottai Diocese including women’s prison in Kokkirakulam during the seasons of Easter and Christmas. It was greatly appreciated by the people behind the bar.

Music Ministry

Fr. Antony Xavier did not do any special studies in music. He does not hold any degree in Tamil literature. He felt within himself and expressed in his own words i.e. “Even though I come from the poorest of the poor family background, God has given me a chance to sing for His greater glory, I will encourage numerous others to join in singing for God’s glory.” This is his goal during his brief period of life.  He is a good lyric writer. He is a good composer of music. He has written and composed more than 200 Christian devotional songs among them more than 100 songs were released as audio cassette followed by audio CD and MP3 and video CDs. In his own words one can understand his purpose of releasing Christian devotional songs.

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In 1998 When the Bishop of Palayamkottai and the R.C. Diocese of Palayamkottai celebrated their 25th year Silver Jubilee, (25 years) Fr. Antony Xavier released a cassette ‘Sugamana Ninaivil’ in honour of them. It was super hit devotional songs which was appreciated by the faithful.

His melodious songs released by him in his albums ‘Kakkum Devan’ audio MP3 and ‘Nambukiren’ MP3’, Andavar Thunai Iruppar ‘MP3’ and Palaivanam solaiagum DVD kept the listeners spell bound.

His quest for excellence persuaded him to write various spiritual and legal articles in reputed journals like ‘Marai Aruvi’ ‘Nam Vazhvu’ ‘Arulmozhi’ and ‘Oyirtha Parvai’.

After being enrolled as an advocate he released a law book on (“How to regain property?”) “nrhj;Jf;fs; thq;FtJ vg;gb?  (Sothuukal Vanguvathu Epadi?). Recently he has released a special book i.e (“God who supports”) “JizahFk; ,iwtd; (Thuaniyagum Eraivan) and still he continues his writing tasks.


  1. jkpof gz;ghl;Lf; fofj;jpd; 2016-f;fhd ,uh[fiyQd; tpUJ
  2. Indian Talent group-d; 2015-2016f;fhd ,d;];gahpq; Br;rh; Award


  • Books
    1. Reflection on Lent
    2. nrhj;Jf;fs; thq;FtJ vg;gb?
    3. JizahFk; ,iwtd; (In Print)
  • Songs
    1. Kakkum Devam (Christian Devotional songs Audio)
    2. Andavar Thunai Iruppar (MP3 Christian Devotional songs Audio)
    3. Palaivanam Solaiyagum (Video songs)
    4. Video songs (In recording)

He is simple, sincere, serious, kind hearted, helpful, courageous and challenging. Rev. Fr. Antony Xavier stands as an example how a parish priest should love his people and toil for the upliftment of his parishioners in various aspects and how a lawyer should devote himself to the cause of the oppressed and how a priest with multidimensional personality should selflessly serve for the Glory of God.

- Rev.Fr.Bruno, Canada.

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