Facilities - Ex-Curricular


St.Assisi matric School works towards optimal development of every child’s potential, recognizing each one’s intrinsic individuality and talents. The school provides a huge platform to tap out the innate talents of the students.

On the extra-curricular events, well established activities include the following.


A special coaching is given to master in singing by professional music teacher.


St. Assisi dancers captivate with their intricate foot work and flamboyant dance steps, synchronizing with the rhythm of the music! Dancers choose national and international themes and dance types, enamouring the onlookers.


To bring out a healthy competition among the students, inter school competitions are frequently conducted.

To name a few competitions held so far:

  • Poetry Recitation / miming
  • Essay competition.
  • Elocution in English and Tamil /
  • Hand writing in English, Tamil and Hindi
  • Art and painting
  • Poetry writing competition /
  • Enacting a play

Prizes and Certificates are distributed to the top scorers.

Competitive exams:

The Shakespear foundation, Chennai conducts various competitive exams every year. Students are motivated to acquire scholarships from FIITJEE for their outstanding performance in the exams in the State and National levels. Apart from these the students are encouraged to take active participation in various competitions.


Excursions are the most awaited part in every assisi student’s  life. Right from Std. I to Std. XII, all the students are taken on educational trips every year. They have a unique opportunity to explore the outer world in the company of their friends and teachers. 

These excursions add thrill to the students hectic school lives.