About the School

About the School

About the School:

St. Assisi Matriculation Higher Secondary School, the School par excellence in Pavoorchatram , was started in June 2003 by leo charitable trust as a brainchild of its visionary founder, Rev. Fr. Antony Xavier, out of his generosity to share his bounty with the fellow humanity.

Initially the school had classes from LKG to Std V and this was extended to Std. X in 2012. In June 2014 it is going to be upgraded to a Higher Secondary School. In keeping with its ideal, "The School with a Difference" and its motto, "self discipline, self reliance and hard work", St. Assisi Matriculation Higher Secondary School stands out with its excellent infrastructure facilities and leadership-moulding training. Development of Integrated personalities with qualities of head and heart is the ultimate aim of St. Assisi Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Eligibility Students:

True to its name, the school works towards optimal development of every child's potential, recognizing each one's intrinsic individuality and talents, integrating the best of traditional and progressive methods of education.

The teaching system is geared to impart 'Learning by doing', right from the kindergarten and the school tests and exams are development oriented. All these factors work to give the students a solid foundation in fundamental concepts that prepare them well for higher studies and a career of their choice.

Aiming to provide the best of Indian heritage along with benefits of Western Progress, the school inculcates in students a deep sense of patriotism and an appreciation of Indian culture. In addition to co-curricular activities like sports, art and crafts, ample opportunity is provided to learn dance and music.

Lower Kindergarten & Upper Kindergarten:

The right start is given to the children in their impressionable age between 3 and 4 exploiting their natural curiosity by highly qualified, committed and competent Kindergarten-trained teachers with play way and learning-by doing methods.

Primary Stage, Mid and High School:

Trained graduate teachers with profound knowledge of their subjects and high communication skill in English and special talents teach languages, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Social Studies, Art and Crafts.

Higher Secondary:

Tamil Nadu State Board syllabus is followed in Xth class. Rigorous training is given to the students at this crucial stage of their career by highly qualified experienced teachers.

Language offered:

The Language offered are English,Tamil and Hindi. The medium of instruction is English and the language to be spoken in the school premises is strictly English..